Un homme.
Sa bagnole.
La gloire.

A man. A plan. You drive through Europe, going from country to country in five-day long classic rallies. Every team has a driver, a co-driver and their own classic car. Each year starts where you finished the year before.

We’ve already driven from Kortrijk to Bilbao (2017), and from there to Lisbon (2018), Almería (2019) and Gerona (2021). In 2022 we celebrate our fifth anniversary, and this luscious lustre brings us to la douce France. From Gerona, we cross the Pyrenees and turn right towards Toulon, always at a comfortable pace. And who knows, maybe even singing the Marseillaise.

This will be your next road trip. Claim a week where freedom beckons.

Wednesday 25 May // Wevelgem (BE) > GERONA (ES)

We land on the set of Game of Thrones. Not many people can say that! However, in Gerona we will immediately turn our attention to the roaring racing cars that await us. We won’t waste any time and take our seats: ignition on.

Wednesday 25 May // GERONA (ES) > ANDORRA

Release your inner mountain goat (as long as your co-pilot is on board with that): from the start we are going uphill, weaving our way through woodlands and valleys, towards a tiny principality that is snuggled up at the bosom of big sisters Spain and France. This time last year this area was still covered in snow. Andorra? Adore it.

Thursday 26 May // ANDORRA > CARCASSONNE (FR)

Vámonos. You can wave adiós because today we are leaving Spain for good. And why would you go through a mountain if you can go over it? We conquer the Pas de la Casa and drive straight into the land of Alain Prost. But first, we are going to… You know what? That’s a surprise. In a unique and secluded spot.
We will sleep in Carcassonne, at the foot of the Cité, a bulwark with three-kilometre-long walls and 52 towers. This place rocks!

Friday 27 May // CARCASSONNE (FR) > AVIGNON (FR)

Ready for the longest ride? We cruise along the Mediterranean, with the Haut-Languedoc on our left and the Camargue on our right. Beauty abounds on both sides.
And right in front of us: the Provence’s papal city. Have you ever dined under a plane tree that is over three centuries old? (And by the way: who will dance on the famous bridge tonight?)

Saturday 28 May // AVIGNON (FR) > MARSEILLE (FR)

Along the road from the Popes’ Palace to the Old Port, all you see is grand French glory: Cavaillon, Saint-Rémy de Provence, the Lubéron, Aix-en-Provence… This region has certainly earned its patent of nobility.
And finally, we reach Hôtel Dieu, next to the picturesque Old Port of Marseille, with a unique view on the Notre Dame de la Garde Basilica, the guardian angel of France’s main seaport, towering high above the city.
We cannot think of a better place to celebrate our fifth anniversary in style. Tonight, we will dine like stars.

Sunday 29 May // MARSEILLE (FR) > TOULON (FR)

Alas, the end is near. All that is left is our trip to Toulon, where we will savour the delights of the French cuisine for the last time. And of course, a huge round of applause for the winners of the Regularity. Five fantastic days are behind us. Wevelgem is waiting. So is our airplane. Ignition off.

Sunday 29 May // TOULON (FR) > WEVELGEM (BE)

You’ve reached the end of the fifth leg of your Grand Tour through Europe. And next year? Madre Madonna, the islands are enticing us.

5 jours – un homme – sa bagnole – la gloire.

Le Grand Tour is not a race, it is a yearly rally for classic cars, models 1975 or older. A trip for great wheels, and it is 'men only'.

It is our pleasure to invite you and your co-driver for a worry-free road trip at your own pace. We take care of the logistics: airplane, transport, accommodation, culinary delights... you just drive and enjoy. Why not?

We land in Gerona, where your car awaits you. We travel through gorgeous regions and cities. We discover them together, eat together, drive together. Or alone. You call the shots.

And for the fans: Le Grand Tour is also a regularity test. Every day you can compete for the title and who knows, maybe you win the trophy at the finish. But if you prefer to take things light-heartedly, simply focus on the horizon and start cruising. No obligations.

Well, maybe just one: register. If you have a classic car built before 1975, a co-driver, and you are available May 25 to 29, register now on www.le-grand-tour.be and pay your deposit. Places are in demand and limited (maximum 70 vehicles).

When? Wednesday May 25, 2022 > Sunday May 29, 2022

Wednesday morning: rally departs - Saturday evening: rally ends - Sunday: connecting stage and return flight


- Enkel de voertuigen gebouwd tussen 1930 en 1975 (modeljaar) worden toegelaten. Voertuigen gebouwd na deze datum, maar waarvan een identiek model (zelfde type én motorisatie) reeds vóór 1975 in productie was mogen deelnemen aan de selectie.

- Het toegelaten aantal deelnemende voertuigen is 72 (alle categorieën samen) voor zover ze zijn voorzien van hetzij een BFOV Identificatiefiche, hetzij een Internationale FIVA Identity Card of een Registration Document for Vehicles of Potential Interest.

- Het organiserend comité behoudt zich het recht voor om de inschrijving van een voertuig te weigeren zonder hiervoor een reden te moeten opgeven. Wordt de inschrijving niet aanvaard, dan zal het inschrijvingsgeld integraal worden teruggestort.


Price includes registration / participation in organisation cost / roadbooks / clothing / presence of technical intervention teams / luggage car / mandatory insurances / bed and breakfast (based on double room at 5* hotels) / aperitif and catering on certain days / return transport of the old-timer on a lorry / return flight on the exclusive Le Grand Tour flight.